About Us

Raider Realty: A brokerage for the students, by the students. This for-profit business is helping people of all ages find their future home! Note that we were formerly calling ourselves “Blue Raider Realty” but now do business as “Raider Realty” to help avoid confusion about whether we are an official part of Middle Tennessee State University. Although we are comprised exclusively of MTSU students, Faculty, Alumni and supporters, we are NOT an official program of MTSU or its wonderful real estate program. Note that we are still legally formed as an LLC called Blue Raider Realty LLC (DBA Raider Realty).

Address: 1535 W. Northfield Blvd. Suite 7, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129 

Call Us: (615) 562-0258

Email: info@blueraiderrealty.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blueraiderrealty/

What is Raider Realty?      

We are a real estate brokerage formed to help the students of Middle Tennessee State University get their start in the world of real estate. Being associated with Parks Realty, future homeowners get the best of both worlds– youthful exuberance and energy of our students, in addition to, wisdom and experience of those seasoned in real estate.  Traditional brokerages are not setup to work with students who are serious about the real estate business because they require a full-time commitment with little flexibility around class schedules. Raider Realty was formed with these considerations as well as limited student budgets in mind. Most students can not afford the costs of becoming a real estate agent, so our brokerage has a unique model to provide scholarships for students to get their start. These scholarships are funded out of the commissions earned by the agents who went before – it’s a “pay it forward” model.

You can help!

Get in touch with us and let one of our agents assist you with your purchase and sale. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the service and expertise you receive. Our agents have already helped other clients with their transactions and have demonstrated professionalism and care with this important task. You will also be helping young people learn through their mentors, earn some money tuition, and help grow the MTSU Real Estate Program. If you have some skills you can use to help us grow or learn, we’d love to hear from you!

Guided by MTSU, Powered by Parks

Real Estate Professor at MTSU, Philip Seagraves was the spark that ignited the Raider Realty enterprise by providing the office space and seed capital to start the brokerage. For the first year, a friend of his named Duane Ford was kind enough to serve as the volunteer broker for the firm and help get things off the ground.Recently, Managing Broker of Parks, Kathy Jones took the helm of Raider Realty as Managing Broker. She was the past president of the MTSU Foundation and an MTSU alumni. We are housed within Parks Realty and work under experienced real estate agents. Most recently, Dr. Philip Seagraves has also joined the brokerage team to help share load with Kathy Jones. Kathy works with the agents on a day to day basis as the Supervising Broker while Dr. Seagraves acts as Principal Broker guiding the direction of the overall efforts. We are thankful for the help, guidance, and partnership.

Contact us NOW!

Whether you are a MTSU student wanting to get started in real estate or someone in the community who would give us the honor of serving you, please give us a call or complete the “contact us” form here on the website. (coming soon)

Call us at 615-562-0258 (BLU)

Blue Raider Realty LLC, dba Raider Realty is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University